About us

Company “Apskaitukas” since year 2007

MB “Apskaitukas” activity

We work with the program Rivilė Gama

Our specialists have twenty years of successful work experience in managing corporate accounting.

Our consultations and advice to clients are free of charge.

MB “Apskaitukas” is insured with professional liability insurance.

Bookkeeping services for small and medium enterprises

One of the most important guarantees of a successful company is excellent financial accounting of the company. Maybe your company needs bookkeeping services? Bookkeeping services for small and medium-sized companies of various profiles are our activities.

MB “Apskaitukas” ensures that all services will be performed professionally and honestly, in accordance with the principles of confidentiality and bookkeeping ethics. We work flexibly and efficiently.

MB “Apskaitukas” manages bookkeeping according to the primary documents submitted by the client: registers primary documents, calculates and declares taxes, prepares financial and tax reports, prepares reports for the company’s management, calculates salaries. Can work in the client’s office or at own place.

Also performs personnel bookkeeping work (receptions, layoffs, holidays, etc.) and provides other services related to the company’s bookkeeping activity.

What matters is not how much money you make, but how much you are able to keep. (Success teacher Robert Kiyosaki)

The household deity does not bring money for nothing
(Lithuanian proverb)

Don’t be afraid of high costs. We have to fear low incomes. (John Davison Rockefeller)

What and where

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