BackUp program backs up data to local or offline storage devices, like USB sticks, HDD or SSD drives. It is an easy using but powerful must have tool.

This program is perfect for backing up a large amount of data, like videos or databases, entire directories (within these including all subdirectories and files).

With one-time cost, program is ideal for users with tight budget.

The number of folders or files to be backed up is unlimited. The selected folders will be copied with all the contents of the latter, i.e. all other files and folders in the selected folder with all their contents will also be copied.

Copying time depends on many factors. This includes file type, amount of data in them, computer speed, and so on. During the copying process, you will see the entire copying process visually. At the end of the copying process, it will be possible to save the log of the entire copying process to a text file. This text file, called ‘CopyLog.txt’, can be found at the selected back up destination location. With a large amount of folders and documents (files) to copy, it is much easier to check what and where from you copied while viewing a text file, instead of browsing a computer. When making continuous copies of the same folders, program allow saving these selections. The next time you run the application, the latter will remember the previously saved selections and overwrite destination folders and files writing amended data on top of previously saved.

If necessary, you can choose the language: English, Lithuanian or Russian.

Tip: making copies of databases, is necessary to shut down the server first.


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